The Temptation to Settle

May 16, 2022

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This Conversation was EVERYTHING!

Sis, impatience will limit you in every way. Today, we are encouraging one another to stop attempting to force God’s hand in the middle of our transition. The speakers and I had the opportunity to share about some of the struggles that we have endured over the years throughout the transitions that we’ve had, and it’s my hope that it helps you.

For those of y’all who have spent any time at all with me, you know that I’m obsessed with First and Second Samuel right now. Well, I have a word that I believe will encourage you because the temptation to settle is very real and it’s the relationships in our lives that remind us to hold on to God’s promises.

The enemy wanted to make him a bodyguard, but the Lord wanted to make Him a king!

During our time together, we talked about 1 Samuel 27:10-12 and 1 Samuel 28: 1-3, and we learned that it is IMPOSSIBLE to spend time in the enemy’s camp and not pick up some of his ways. The truth is that David messed up wayyyy before Bathsheba, but the Lord kept him covered, and he will do the same for us. We just have to remember not to resist the enemy’s rejection because it came from the Lord.

In This Episode

We talked about how to:

  • appreciate the “God Space,” a phrase Ty coined in her poem;
  • avoid compromise;
  • continue developing Godly character;
  • develop connections that will help you navigate transition successfully.

Enough said. Press play.

Thank you to our little live “studio” audience. Your presence blessed us tremendously!

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Meet Ty

Ty Scott King with The Best Kept Secret

Ty Scott King is an award-winning, Billboard charting artist who has fine-tuned a balance between poetry and hip hop. Her poetic voice has been featured in radio ads for major corporations such as McDonald’s, Aveeno, and Pizza Hut. Ty has also appeared on major television networks, performed at the U.S. Pentagon, and is a bestselling author and founder of The R.I.S.E. Up Arts Initiative. Learn more at www.tyscottking.com.

Meet Monica

In January of 2019 Monica felt the call of God on her life to do more In his kingdom, and from that call, Motivation with Monica was birthed. Monica’s ministry helps empower and motivate women to walk in their God-Given purpose, mentor young ladies, and preach Gods word. A server at heart, Monica faithfully serves as a servant leader, and praise and worship leader in her church. Monica’s greatest joy is her family, husband of 9 years and their 3 children. Monica is committed to the call of fulfilling God’s assignment for her life!

Meet David

David has always been a content creator. As a DJ and music producer at heart, David started moving heavy into the online space in 2014 with The Streets of Vegas, a Las Vegas based cultural channel on music, artists, media personalities, and retail businesses. In 2021, David started his personal brand with davidmfosteriii.com, along with The DFOS Podcast, a video and audio podcast where he talks to guests from various industries and occupations. His desire is to bring insight, inspiration, and information. You can find more at djdfos.com.

Meet Frantavious

Frantavious Dooley is the owner of Food From the H.A.R.T. As a non commissioned officer in the United States Air Force, Frantavious is a true leader who enjoys empowering others through partnership and conversation. He has written articles for Combat Edge, a publication the United States Air Force prints biannually. Frantavious has a strong desire to see marriage thrive according to God’s word, and he’s looking forward to retirement so that he can spend more time on the passions the Lord has given him.

Darryl and Shalisha Lewis are marketing content creators who specialize in photography, videography, and website design. Over the years, they have helped individuals and businesses develop companies and marketing strategies to enhance and expand their vision. Their overall goal is to help your business soar by offering valuable services that will bring extraordinary success. You can find more about them at https://lewismediastudio.com/.

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