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I believe intimacy and                      in Christ is essential for the times ahead, and I would love to share with your 




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Ignite Life Crave
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Panelist Conversations

- Julieian Alexis Roberts, Campaign P31

Liv Dooley is the real deal! A passionate woman of prayer, who is chosen & set apart, to demonstrate to young girls and women the power of having an authentic relationship with God. As a guest speaker for a recent conference I hosted, she encouraged the ladies to maintain a lifestyle of prayer. She challenges them to be honest, bold, and relentlessly desperate with our Heavenly Father in their prayer time. Liv is a powerhouse you have to experience. 


-Kelly Foster, Imperfectly His

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Liv for over 5 years! Liv is such a great asset to the Christian community; her attitude of service, her heart for supporting women, and her commitment to excellence always results in a God honoring project or event. I’ve watched her take a small idea and turn it into an abundant vision of the Lord. Liv embodies collaboration over competition daily and challenges all of us around her to do the same! 


-Tonya Moore, SMP

Eloquent, anointed, and classy are the words that immediately comes to the forefront of my mind when I think of Liv Dooley. When Liv opens her mouth, you can’t help but feel the power of God. Her very presence commands attention. The one thing I admire most about Liv is that she practices what she preaches. She truly is a jewel…polished for use as an ornament for the Kingdom.


-Amber Calhoun, Curly Corner

Liv Dooley is such a dynamic, engaging speaker that we felt very lucky to have speak at our International Natural Hair Meetup Day event in Las Vegas. Her transparency about her personal journey really resonated with our audience. In her very lively and energizing presentation, Liv imparted words of wisdom on self acceptance, understanding your value, and the importance of supporting each other as women. 


-Patty Turrel, WJF

Liv Dooley was a wonderful presenter. She addressed over 350 at-risk girls at our 10th annual Women's Journey Conference. The girls loved her energy and enthusiasm. Liv's Candid Compliments exercise taught the girls the importance of a simple compliment. We were all inspired!


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