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available september 18, 2023


It's Time to Pause and Recognize The Power You Access in the Presence of the     

Let's Move Forward Together!
Worship leads us to encounter renewal in the Lord despite the rejection we have experienced, the rebellion we have entertained, and the regret we have endured. 

Thankfully, we have the books of 1 and 2 Samuel to help us realize worship is a gift.

Sometimes our past mistakes can leave us feeling like we’re drowning in an ocean of regret 

As a result, we sometimes become restless walking with God in a world that sprints. Thankfully, the men and women in 1 and 2 Samuel knew this struggle, too. The only thing that set Samuel apart from Eli, and David apart from Saul, was their ability to pause, worship, and pray to the Lord in the middle of intense pressure. 

Modern culture demands tireless ambition and determination. 

Renew your mind in Christ,

Reengage with the Lord in new ways, 

And reclaim your intentional, personal relationship with the One True God again.

Selah will illustrate how these pauses lead you to:

now available

now available

  • Grow in knowledge about the history, context, and meaning of 1 and 2 Samuel.
  • Meditate on Scripture and strengthen your personal prayer life.
  • Build your godly leadership skills on integrity through biblical examples.
  • Recognize that nothing can separate you from the love of Christ Jesus.

You do not have to forfeit practical application for depth. It is possible to enjoy both in your time with the Lord.

If you're frustrated with your study or looking to go deeper...

Discussion questions and reflection exercises to strengthen your application after the study.


Guided prayer prompts to help you sit with the Lord during each of the thirty lessons.


Individual access to each session’s teaching videos from Liv herself accessible through a QR code.

Video content

Personal study content to be completed between six sessions at your own pace.

An organized plan



The Psalms come alive in a new way when you realize what events were occurring in David’s life at the time he wrote them. That’s why I have curated this resource to help strengthen your study as a bonus to accompany our study of Selah: A Study Through 1 and 2 Samuel. I pray that the additional context creates a deeper hunger to delve into the scriptures in new ways for you as it has me. 

Selah and a Survey Through the King Psalms David Penned


Liv Dooley is a Bible teacher who loves to hike, travel with her husband, read good books, and worship Jesus. She hosts the podcast, The Best Kept Secret with Liv Dooley, and she writes about enjoying intimacy and authority in Jesus through prayer and other spiritual practices.

You can find Liv’s writing featured on the YouVersion Bible App and She Reads Truth. To connect with her, visit her at @candidliv on IG or at 

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