Receiving the Present and What’s Here Now

May 23, 2022

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An Interview with Jeanne Stevens

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May I speak something Jeanne’s mentor spoke over her? Sis, you will never be able to live the life God called you to live if you don’t start practicing slowness, silence, and solitude. 

It’s time to give ourselves the gift of a different pace, and, thankfully Jeanne is here to help us with that. This is the last episode in the season as we finish our conversation on productivity tips from the Bible, and, it is the perfect finale.

I can’t thank Jeanne enough for helping us to prepare for the summer and end our season with such an incredible conversation through her new book that was just released last week.

What's Here Now by Jeanne Stevens

This Conversation was the Perfect Finale to Our Season!

She helped us to answer:

  • What part does blame play in our inability to focus on the present and how do we break the cycle?
  • How can curiosity awaken your awareness of what you need?
  • Why is worry such a big problem and how can we stop choosing it?
  • Is it possible to be healed, to be whole, and to be present, and not be well?

Enough said. Press play.

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Purchase What’s Here Now?: How to Stop Rehashing the Past and Rehearsing the Future–and Start Receiving the Present

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What’s Here Now?: How to Stop Rehashing the Past and Rehearsing the Future–and Start Receiving the Present

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Meet Jeanne

Jeanne Stevens is the founding and co-lead pastor of Soul City Church in Chicago, one of America’s fastest growing urban churches. Prior to starting Soul City Church, Stevens was on the pastoral staff at Willow Creek Community Church and North Point Community Church. A sought-after speaker, leader, and writer, Jeanne’s passion is to help people wake up to their purpose as they pursue a life of wholehearted freedom.

Want to Watch The Replay of The Live Recording of the Best Kept Secret? 

After having promoted it all season long, it hardly feels like it’s over! It was more fun than I could have ever imagined and the feedback we received blew all of my expectations away. You can watch it here on YouTube or listen to it on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.