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Ever felt like you've allowed your pain, your past, or other people to define your identity?  Today, I have five recommendations to help you renew your identity in the Lord. Let's talk about how we have identified ourselves in the past and the freedom the Lord offers in His Word.

How to Renew Your Identity in the Lord

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It’s undeniable. Friendship is complicated. However, it’s also beautiful, lovely, and holy. Betrayal will come, but the beauty you’ll find in friendship far outweighs the pain. Let’s talk with Andi Andrew, author of Friendship: It’s Complicated.

Navigating Betrayal in Friendship with Author, Andi Andrew


Church hurt has affected all of us, whether it’s direct or indirect, and we must know how to address it so that the Body of Christ can find healing. Today, we’re talking to Pricelis Perreaux-Dominguez about how to heal as a Body.

Helping Others Heal from Church Hurt with Bible Teacher, Pricelis Perreaux-Dominguez


Whether you are creating something for others to find encouragement through or you are taking the time to enjoy keeping it private, you’ll be surprised by how many ways you can honor the Lord by learning to see the goodness that He’s placed within and around you. Our guest, Rachel Marie Kang, is here to comfort our hearts and help us see the opportunity we have to worship the Lord in new ways today, and I hope you lean in.

When was the last time you thought about how your light in Christ shines the brightest in dark places? Dark places that you sometimes have to seek out? Rachelle Starr is here to encourage us to develop outrageous obedience.

The Outrageous Obedience to Enter the Darkest Places with Author, Rachelle Starr


God is calling you to enjoy greater depths of intimacy with Him, but there are a variety of obstacles that stand in our way from boredom to disappointment, and we’re talking a few of them today with Molly Wilcox.

How to Lean into The Unlimited Longing of Your Soul with Author, Molly Wilcox


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It took me entirely too long to own my voice as an author and a Bible teacher. I don't want the same for you! Take the quiz I've created to help you identify with a Biblical figure as you learn from their strengths AND weaknesses. Have a feeling you may be dealing with a little imposter syndrome or some self sabotage that's eating away at your confidence? This is the test for you!

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Sweet Friendship Refreshes The Soul 

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The Embarrassing Thing About Unfollowing Friends

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5 Things to Do to Develop Your Prayer Life Today

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