Leading Beyond Brokenness, Regret, and Jealousy

March 27, 2023

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Hey y'all, I'm Liv — Bible teacher and Podcaster. I'm here to help cultivate greater confidence so that God can display His creativity more completely through you.

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A Conversation with Jo Saxton

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God Loves to Partner With Women

It’s time to get serious about your calling and commit to the hard work of healing so you can lead with integrity. Thankfully, Jo Saxton, is here to help us with that as we talk about leading beyond brokenness, regret, and jealousy so that we may obtain the integrity and character necessary to influence others well.

May I invite you to consider that the story we read about the Daughters of Zelophehad in Numbers, chapter 27 is less about a previously inconceivable shift in the Israelite culture, and more about integrity? Let’s talk about it.

Today, we’re reflecting on Isaiah 54:17 (LSB)

No weapon that is formed against you will succeed; And every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn. This is the inheritance of the slaves of Yahweh, And their righteousness is from Me,” declares Yahweh.

Women You Should Know

Leah-Marie McKay is a mother of 3 young vibrant children: Carson (7), Ella (5), Christien (3) and married to her husband of 9 years. Her professional experience is diverse. As a Registered Nurse, Leah has worked in a variety of healthcare settings with a primary focus on Fertility Health. 

In addition to her professional life, she is founder of Mother2Mother Canada, a not-for-profit organization for mothers, H.A.E.L Wellness Inc.,  a holistic wellness business & Treat Yourself Sweets, a home-based treats and sweets business.

These initiatives were inspired by her love for holisitic wellness as well as her desire to build community and support amongst young growing families. You can get connected to her on IG at @mother2mothercanada

Meet Jo

Jo Saxton on The Best Kept Secret

Jo is an author, speaker, IJM Ambassador. podcast host, and leadership coach. I’ve dedicated my career to growing leadership teams and investing in women leaders.

She’s led ministries, non-profits and pastored and planted churches. So I get the challenges women face in leadership. That’s why I’m passionate to see women:

  • Secure in their God given identity,
  • Connected in meaningful and empowering community
  • Confident in their call, resourced to lead

Jo has written several books that help women do this: Ready to Rise, More than Enchanting (titled Influential in the UK and other countries) ,The Dream of You, and High Heels and Holiness.

Jo also co-hosts a podcast called Lead Stories with my good friend Pastor Steph O’ Brien. Together, they share leadership stories and cover current issues with the aim to encourage, equip and empower leaders to discover all God has for them.

She leads a Leadership Coaching Community — a digital coaching program helping women develop their leadership skills, and get connected to other women leaders from around the world.

She is also the founder of an initiative called the Ezer Collective where she gathers about 75 women leaders from across industries, life stages, and leadership roles to invest in them and catalyze their leadership. They set aside time and space for training, panel discussions, inspiration and prayer, networking – and fun!

I asked Jo:

  • Why is it important that we as Christians and Christian creatives and leaders have integrity? 
  • Can you tell us about a time the Lord was leading you to develop greater integrity? 
  • What is a non negotiable for leaders who want to commit to a lifetime of healthy leadership? 
  • What do we need to know about ourselves as we prepare to lead with other women? 
  • What to look for in a mentor and how should we conduct relationship with them? 


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There is nothing Liv loves to talk about more than the Word of God. She is a Bible teacher, speaker, and writer. Liv is passionate about helping women enjoy intimacy and confidence in Christ.  When Liv is not writing, teaching, or podcasting, you can find her hiking a mountain, taking a road trip with her husband, or curled up in the corner with a good book. You can connect with Liv on IG at @candidliv.

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Tonya is a believer, wife and mother of 3 littles. Her profession as a public servant is to help guide people through the family support process.

In her personal and volunteer time, Tonya loves to communicate the gospel of Christ and share messages of hope through IG.

Tonya is the founder of CWMS, a mentorship network that allows Christian women to connect, share and grow as they journey with God. Connect with Tonya at tonya.impactfully.

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