Worshiping Through the Cycles of Grief

December 4, 2023

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A conversation about grief, acceptance, and healing with Natasha Smith

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One thing that King David was familiar with was grief. In fact, many Biblical figures we look up to were. Out of all of the Psalms that were written, over a third of them were written as lament, and today, we can read them to help us gain a deeper perspective of who our God is in the middle of pain.

Sometimes, it feels like all you can do is breathe when you’re in the middle of intense grief. And, even though that can feel shallow or superficial, those of us who have struggled with the desire to live know how important breathing can be.

In those times, when taking your next breath feels unbearable, remember that the name YAHWEH is made up of aspirated consonants that we breathe in and out every single day. And until you can find the strength to lift your arms again, know that He is with you, and that is enough.

Today, we’re reflecting on John 16:33 NLT:

I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”

Women You Should Know

Brittany Dodson is a Christian singer/songwriter, author, evangelist, pharmacist, and host of The Traditional Millennial podcast. She received her Associate of Arts from the University of Central Arkansas, a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Moody Bible Institute, and a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

She recently self-published her first book, The Millennial Christian Devotional, through WestBow Press and is also an evangelical columnist for Patheos.com. As a now published author and writer, Brittany seeks to use her words to reach others to bring them to Christ. She has a heart for mentoring young women and encouraging them to tap into the faith to believe that God is real, His word is true, and that they can be living examples for Him no matter what they face or what they have been through.

Brittany is an active member of Freedom Missionary Baptist Church, where her dad serves as pastor. She is the youth director, assistant choir director, women’s ministry co-chair, and participates in other ministries. She loves her family, traveling, learning, keeping up with fashion, and has a passion and appreciation for teaching the Word of God. You can connect with her at www.brittanydodsonmusic.com or on IG at @brittanydodsonmusic.

Meet Natasha

Natasha Smith is a grief advocate, author, speaker, podcaster, and content creative. She loves God and believes he has the heart for the hurting. She believed God sees, God knows, and God understands every single thing that we go through.

Natasha she has a heart for the hurting, for the grieving and for those who are experiencing and facing hard times in life as well. She has experienced God’s love, sovereignty, power, healing, peace, and love in her life. And Natasha loves sharing God’s goodness with others-especially for those who were hurting so that they would know that there is hope in Hope’s name is Jesus.

Natasha Smith has been sharing on faith, family and grief for over 12 years through multiple publications, including her website in a few of those publications include her view from home today, parents. And focus on the family. Natasha’s new book, Can you just sit with me: Healthy Grieving for the Losses of Life is available today.


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