How to Worship Amid Untold Stories of Sexual Abuse

November 20, 2023

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A conversation about sexual abuse and restorative justice with Mary E. Demuth

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Prescriptive VS Descriptive Passages

We read about three important, yet difficult stories, throughout the books of 1 and 2 Samuel: Mychal, Bathsheba, and Tamar. And the one thing we realize when we read them is that these women’s stories mattered to the Holy Spirit.

The passages surrounding these passages are not prescriptive. They are not passages to direct us about how to live today (unless it is to do the opposite). They are descriptive, meant to describe what happened to these women and the effect it had on all involved, and the Holy Spirit required the biographers to include them rather than gloss over them.

In spite of the pain, in spite of the struggle, and in spite of the abuse that we find there, we still see a God who cares, a God who redeems, a God who looks down from heaven and desires justice, a God who heals, and a God who loves in all of it.

Today, we’re reflecting on Romans 12:15 ESV:

Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.

Women You Should Know

Anisa L. Wesley is a passionate leader who believes in the power of God. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a heart for Mental Health. She helps children, adults, and families heal from trauma and manage unwanted behaviors. She is the best-selling author of her book titled Please, Excuse My Brave: Overcoming Fear and Living Out Your Purpose.

Anisa’s passion is to let women of all ages know that God loves them and has a beautiful plan for their lives. She is a wife, a new mother, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. Anisa currently resides in Los Angeles. She aims to encourage everyone she encounters and leave them with hope.

On all social media platforms my handle is @anisathefriend.

Meet Mary

Mary loves Jesus. And really that’s the most important thing about her. It’s not writing or speaking or praying or mommying or any other -ing you can find. She flat out loves Him. Why? Because he has utterly, truly, completely re-storied her. 

She has three adult children, and she’s been married to Patrick for 33 years now. Mary counts those relationships as the most important people in her life. In the mid 2000s, their family helped plant a church in Southern France–a difficult, but amazing experience. 

In her spare time, she loves to cook, run, garden, decorate, paint, and do interior design. You can find all her artwork here.

She’s been writing for 30+ years–half of them in obscurity. She mentored many writers during that time, and continues to do so through the Rockwall Christian Writers Group and some of her  instructional booksSince then she has written over 45 books, translated into five languages. You can see a listing of all her books on AmazonBarnes and NobleCBDLifeway and Parable.

Mary pioneered a literary agency in 2022, Mary DeMuth Literary, where she shepherds writers toward traditional publishing.

She currently lives in North Texas, serves in her local church alongside her husband, and she’s had the privilege of speaking around the world in places like Johannesburg, Monaco, Geneva, Munich, Port-au-Prince, Nice and Florence. Although her past story is difficult, her current story leaks adventure.

Today, we are talking to Mary about how to worship amidst untold stories of sexual abuse.


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