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April 24, 2022

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An Interview with Salange Shepard

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What does your style say about you and how does it impact your productivity, or, more importantly, your success? Salange Shepard is here to help us!

May I just say that sometimes, the Bible really makes me laugh? I mean seriously. Our God has a sense of humor. Proverbs 11:22 says that a beautiful woman who lacks discretion is a like a pig with a gold ring in its snout. L. O. L. The Lord is telling us that a woman who doesn’t show any discretion, who doesn’t exercise wise choices, has beauty that is pointless. A woman’s beauty is pointless when she fails to exercise wise choices in her style because it not only detracts from her beauty, but it distracts and takes the attention away from that which we should really be paying attention to.

I had so much fun chatting with Salange, and I am so grateful for the time and wisdom that she shared with us.

This Conversation was Fun!

Grab your journal because Salange is teaching us

  • whether our style defines us or not;
  • how our style can support or stifle our growth;
  • the mentality we need to have to choose or change our style;
  • the staples every woman needs in her closet;
  • how to dress stylishly & modestly.

I knew the way you dress could bring more confidence, but I completely missed the fact that it could bring a sense of ease to what you’ve been called to do.

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Meet Salange

Best Kept Secret featuring Salange Shepard

Salange Shepard was born in raised in Las Vegas, NV but currently finds home in Dallas, TX. She is the founder and CSO (Chief Styling Officer) of Digne Collection; an online clothing boutique that inspires women to wear clothes for fashion and not definition. With a recent background in full time ministry she is a leader, mentor, fire starter and empowerment specialist of Brave Her Community Group.


May 14 is two months away, and I will have the pleasure of hanging out with Ty Scott King, Antone Dotson Parson, Monica Barnes, and Randy Brooks. I hope you’ll be one of them! We’re going to enjoy poetry, hors d’oeuvres, and some of the best conversations about how important it is to develop the right connections, you’ll ever be a part of!

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