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March 14, 2022

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Hey y'all, I'm Liv — Bible teacher and Podcaster. The Best Kept Secret with Liv Dooley exists to help you identify the secret to healing and confidently connecting with others despite your past.

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Hey y'all, I'm Liv — Bible teacher and Podcaster. I'm here to help cultivate greater confidence so that God can display His creativity more completely through you.

An Interview with Jackie Morrison

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Sis! There is no way that we’re going to have a series about productivity tips without the opportunity to get our money right. Are you interested in developing a financial portfolio that honors God? This episode was full of practical opportunities to help you apply the Word in real time. It’s my hope that you lean in.

Develop A Financial Portfolio That Honors God

I know it can be uncomfortable to talk about tithing. However, if we’re going to choose to prioritize the meaningful above the millions of things that the world tells us we should be doing, we have to think about why it is that God told us to test Him with our money.

You may have heard that this is the only place in the entire Bible that God tells us to test Him, and it’s true! Today, both Jackie and I are sharing a tiny bit of our tithing testimonies. It’s my hope that this episode encourages you to address your beliefs about money and where they may have been formed. Jackie gets into it, and this episode is going to bless you!

This episode was definitely filled with information. You should listen in if you want to:

  • know how to build a portfolio;
  • know what wealth really is;
  • build residual income;
  • stop procrastinating because of your finances or lack thereof;
  • get to the root of your spending habits.

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Meet Jackie

Jackie Morrison

Jackie Morrison, God’s Business Lady, is a Jesus follower, wife and mother that founded God’s Business International, a society geared towards making God the C.E.O. of your business and life. Obtaining a Masters of Business Administration degree and having over 20 years of experience in finance as a six-figure executive she has built a lot of knowledge and surpassed many hurdles.

Jackie has been on multiple radio interviews, is a published author, featured in magazines, is the founder of the Reignited Prayer Call, the Wealth Igniter for Chic Wealth Society, an investor and a Forex/Crypto trader. Through her wealth of knowledge and experience she has been a top leader in her industry and assisted women in achieving their goals. Jackie is committed to helping you find your purpose, obtain wealth and walk in it as a Christian Business Woman.


May 14 is two months away, and I will have the pleasure of hanging out with some of the dopest individuals in Las Vegas I know! I hope you’ll be one of them! We’re going to enjoy poetry, hors d’oeuvres, and some of the best conversations about how important it is to develop the right connections, you’ll ever be a part of!

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