How Identity Informs Our Worship

November 4, 2023

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A conversation about identity, belonging, and generational legacy with Tasha Jun

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Our Identity Can Help or Hinder Us From Worshiping the Lord

I have found that one of the most secure men in all of Scripture is Jonathan. It is through his life that we begin to understand that when we yield our identity to the Lord it leads us to serve Him more effectively-even when it comes at the expense of what we once believed we were entitled to.

Although we rarely acknowledge it, Jonathan is definitely a type of Christ. He chose to lay down his life for David so that David could access the throne and it is one that encourages me to become a better friend in every way.

This week, we are continuing to reflect on some of the themes in Session Two of Selah: Worship Invites You To Repentance.

Today, we’re reflecting on John 15:13 ESV:

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.

Women You Should Know

Sharonda Green Christopher is the founder of DreeammS Global and a Divine Dating Strategist. Through her work, Sharonda teaches women of faith 30+ how to fulfill God’s plans and date a quality man. 

Sharonda is also a doctoral candidate in Community Care & Counseling at Liberty University. Her newest exciting role is the Wing Woman, an online dating matchmaking service for her clientele! You can find more about Sharonda here at her website.

Meet Tasha

Tasha is a biracial Korean American melancholy dreamer. She grew up in a multicultural home, and because of that, she’s spent her life navigating cultural collisions and liminal space. She writes about faith, cultural and ethnic identity, and living with a shalomsick ache. Writing has always been the way God has led her through pain and towards the hope of shalom. Tasha lives in the Midwest with her husband and three kids.

Today, we are talking to Tasha about identity informs our worship.

I asked Tasha:

  • Can you tell us about your book and the significance of the title?
  • In your book, you talked to us about how hard it was for your family to find a church you could feel welcome in as a young child. You continued to discus this theme as you recounted your adult years, too, and I deeply resonated with the point you made about how you counted the minorities as an adult. Can you share some advice that we can implement today to help others feel more welcome?
  • Color-blind theology has always been a sugarcoated death threat to everything Korean in me. It pretends to offer something sweet but it does so at the expense of deep connection and community. What is the difference between false unity and true unity?
  • How might you recommend someone begin to have conversations that will help them get to know one another more deeply?
  • You write, “These experiences of trauma passed through generations and the han we carry are not given by God as a means to an end, but what if they are the soil God uses to show us our need for Jesus and open us to love?” Can you share a little more about the soil God shows us our need for Him?
  • In chapter eight, you write, “Our ethnic and cultural identity isn’t what saves us. Only Jesus can do that. However these gifts of culture and ethnicity are love letters from God. They are deliberate tools to reflect His love and intention.” What recommendations might you make to someone who is struggling with their identity in the Lord.


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