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Prayer is my love language, but it didn’t always start that way. It started out feeling overwhelming and scary. If that’s you, I’m here to tell you, you’re already on the right track! Now, let me help you pray with greater ease and enjoyment.

5 Ways to Develop Your Prayer Life Today

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Today, we are having a conversation about how to continue worshiping in the midst of pressure, profit, and the pursuit of God’s presence. Nailah Tee, a worship leader and recording artist from the province of Toronto, Canada, is joining us to help us talk about it.

Worshiping in the Presence of Pressure


Today, we are talking to Katie Westenberg, the author of And Then She Remembered as we talk about the power of memory in the place of worship.

How to Worship in a Distracted World


Today, we are talking to the only female national presenter for Faithlife, the creators of Logos Bible Software, as we talk about harmful theology that we sometimes have to push past and wisdom to help you do the same.

Today, we are talking to award winning therapist, Kobe Campbell about how to stop dismissing your trauma and start getting the help you need as you worship through it.

How to Stop Dismissing Pain During Worship


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It took me entirely too long to own my voice as an author and a Bible teacher. I don't want the same for you! Take the quiz I've created to help you identify with a Biblical figure as you learn from their strengths AND weaknesses. Have a feeling you may be dealing with a little imposter syndrome or some self sabotage that's eating away at your confidence? This is the test for you!

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Your confidence directly affects your ability to communicate and collaborate with others. Let's find out what your confidence style is?

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Sweet Friendship Refreshes The Soul 

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The Embarrassing Thing About Unfollowing Friends

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5 Things to Do to Develop Your Prayer Life Today

If prayer feels overwhelming

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