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With the exception of that one season, most of my life has been characterized by long nights, overcrowded schedules, and unending exhaustion. It wasn't until recently that the Lord revealed the heart of the problem and the five ways to find freedom from regret. Sis, this is a hole we can't dig ourselves out of, but we have help. 

5 Ways to Find Freedom from Regret

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It’s time to address the elephant in the room: Godly ambition. What is it? What’s the balance between pride and surrender? My guest, Torrie Sorge, has so much to say on the subject and it’s going to bless your life.

Living In The Tension of Yet


This past week, I was featured on Alli Worthington’s blog in her post, Women Worth Following. Apparently, imposter syndrome thought she’d been featured, too, and I have a few thoughts to share on how to get over her. For good.

Women Worth Following

Soul Care

Alli Worthington's Women Worth Following March 2022

The Bible says that money answers all things-including our desire to be more productive. If you are interested in developing a portfolio that honors God and increases your impact, this is the episode for you! Listen in to my interview with Jackie Morrison.

Jackie Morrison

The public success and the private failures end here because my guest, Latasha Ferguson, and I are getting transparent and sharing our stories with the prayer that they will help you. God wants to lead and enrich every area of your life. It’s time to assess what has been driving us, our work ethic, and how it’s been impacting our leadership.

Public Wins…Private


Latasha Ferguson

If you’ve ever struggled with your social media strategy, this podcast episode is for you! Lakeshia Poole is the author of Don’t Post That: A Guided Journal A Guided Journal for Saving Jobs, Peace, Edges and Lives is teaching us today!

Don’t Post That, Post This


Lakeshia Poole

Have you ever realized that spending time with your friends could ward off exhaustion? It’s true, sweet friendships refresh the soul, and Dr. Saundra Dalton’s book, Sacred Rest, is helping us learn even more on the issue. I’m sharing a few fun pictures of some of my favorite people in the world today!

Liv Dooley, Monica Barnes, Natasha Lau Johnson, Robin Smith

If you’ve ever struggled to balance your work with rest, this could just be the help you need. Stop feeling guilty and get it for yourself!

Worthy At Rest

Productivity Tips From the Bible

Woman Working in Bed

When we invite God into our businesses, He does more than we could ask, think, or imagine-whether you have a Christian business or not! Listen in to the podcast I hosted with Amber Calhoun to learn how to prioritize your relationship with God in your non Christian business.

Prioritizing God in Business


Amber Calhoun

Today, I have a tech spotlight to offer you. Toggl is my new favorite app because it’s helping me find out where my time is going. Need a few more suggestions about how to take back your time? I’ve got you!

Latina Woman Looking At Watch

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Sweet Friendship Refreshes The Soul 

Have you ever realized that

The Embarrassing Thing About Unfollowing Friends

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How to Encourage Yourself on Hard Days

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